Sunday, January 23, 2011

lost in a a crowd...

I am still here,
Not yet totally gone,
Things are unclear,
But I still  remain..

Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone,
Just empty and sick,
Forever on my own dreams shattered ,
Waiting, all unfulfilled....

Broken into many pieces,
 Alone i remain here
While others are still here,
but none to converse .....

Perhaps, if I wait a bit more, 
This strange times will pass,
Things will be reversed  then,
And again I will  be myself ,
With the world I will interact,
The way it used to be.


  1. Hmmm... I feel the same, sometimes. Obscure images, conversations-vague and that terrible nausea.

    ...sometimes you throw up all over the place - on your bed, on the floor, on the carpet, on your laptop and you feel it's your last day. You pray, 'GOD PLEASE!!! I wont drink again.' Tears, wine and that horrible smell of puke!!! My gosh... and then your mind goes blank.

    Don't worry!!! You'll be fine.

  2. a strange kindaa lonelyness... most of us are often victims... but rarely a few puts those feelngs up in such beautiful words...

  3. njan kuruvi>> haha..not the same meaning... but situation suits... thanx ..

  4. casaBlanca>> dont know to what extend i recreated it.. but loneliness is always a strange feeling...

  5. certainly diz lonliness has an end...a day will come... when lightz will emerge from the black ...

  6. Absence of people around you is not loneliness.
    It is our confusion to understand its meaning.
    I agree that having friends around myself helps me to wipe out my loneliness.
    But do we mean a friend?