Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The setting of a star....

Girl your  Life is supposed to begin there, not end.
And yet, the life  ended for you. Or rather, you ended it up! As everyone scream your name and fabricate stories about you, I can’t begin to describe what I really feel... There’s nothing more about this!
blank, painful , empty.....

Why did you choose this when there is a lot more for you to think ,do and explore..Were you that  scared? As you stood there on the 22nd floor, ready to jump while the whole world enjoyed the sleep, no one else was awake, knowing what lies at the bottom of the chosen path, as you felt that cold breeze through your long hair the last time, as you looked around the world and saw everyone else living their  lives… were you scared? But If you were, why didn’t you change your mind, how could you do that?
No.... You’re a brave girl; a very brave girl..... courageous enough to jump from the 22nd floor... But where is your courage now? What did u prove? What  did it end and what did it begin???
Nothing at all. It’s all over. ..I wonder what you were thinking the millisecond before you touched that  ground. Did you feel regret? You should have felt... Because the people who love you are still asking the question to themselves.It wasn't worth it. I wish I could tell you this before you took that leap and ended everything that began....


  1. Have you ever tried bungee jumping? ...that terrible feeling when you see the ground rushing towards you, when the wind gushes up through your nostrils and your heart comes into your mouth? I almost did pee in my pants (note: Almost). I guess you need to try it once. Either way ...if you have any plans, good luck!!

    And do you mind telling us why "The Girl" did so?

  2. As usual awsome one vanajotsna.. Nd kuruvee... nice comment as well...There r some situations in life....where....courage, cowardice, stupidity, sanity, hopefulnes, disappointment..... all dese idiotically( or prudently?) get amalgamated to form an alloy sort of feeling... Though it spans for a very very short while,the mind set of dat person toggles between many options.....millions of time....

    Kuruvee angane oru saahacharyathil aa kutti angane aayirikkum cheythathu.... d exact reason behind dat enthaanennu parayaathathaanu ee postinte manohaaritha..

    Pinne vanajotsnaykku itharam plans onnum undaavilla tto.. Bcz she s made of a sterner stuff.... Alle....? ha ha ha...

  3. the writer is ignorant about the cause dats y she is asking the gal y she hav done this...

  4. mite be the other way also... not courageous enough to enter the black hole of death..

  5. entha parayendathu ee post nu... ?? eppozhatheyum poley ethum kollam... vaayichappol enikku nalla rasam anu thoniyathu tto... ethil paranjakkunnathu poley aa timil njanum nalla urakkathilayirunnu..... :) nyway good luck...

  6. She might have known that 'she' had already died..!