Thursday, January 17, 2013

Memories of midnight!!

Then, in the reflection of that dirty glass remains everything that truly matters… True loves reunited.. The Appy Fizz and Bacardi!!!
ROMANTIC!! Everything seems so romantic, haha... I am high!! The night seems to be too ordinary to suit my enjoyment and I would need wings to visit that fairy world in a blink.  
I actually don’t think that these words are the beginning of a masterpiece, but I really wanted to write words so passionate that they would reflect my mood…
There are 7 billion people in this world and today, I feel it is only Me, paru, shithu and sree... This world is silent, waiting for us to speak, to lead us on. There is no one here, looking to see whether we are behaving or sitting properly. Only we are here, looking out and looking in at once.
And I am with these crazy bees on this weekend winter night with my feet on the poor figo hand break rests, watching the blurry fogy Trivandrum nights while Roshith is driving, sipping and savoring the spicy chasers with always high paarukuty  on the side.  When shithu drives sitting in front of me, my smiling face on the rear view mirror would wink. I can feel his heart beats a little slower and his fist, a bit looser as the music changes from Syamambaram to muthuchippi poloru… Haha.. Bloody malayali.. “Turn left here,” sree sometimes say but that would be all… The lovely guy with six feet nothing….  And this night I again feel that teenage suffocation, I’ll climb out shithus child locked window, like in those suburban movies with shitty dialogues…We’d drive around our suburban neighborhood, emptying the fizzy-glass bottles into our throats and making red stop signs kiss the floor…
The Silent Night... Holy Night… 

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