Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The sand castle.......

Her feet had set tiny patterns into the wet sand, which were soon washed away by the inevitable rhythm of the rain.
They made way to the sand castle they had built together a day earlier.  
With her plump little hands and plenty of sand, she got to work again.
An hour or two passed before she finished her fifth sand castle of the day.
She rubbed her hands together sending chunks of dirt into the air and finally stood up to admire her work.

“friend” she yelled, her sounds somewhat muffled by the intermittent breaking of waves.

She waved and then ran closer and yelled again.

“Look at my castle, friend. Isn’t it pretty?”
she danced around her castle,
adding little bits of sand here and there to shape the walls or adjust the size.
He watched her , knowing that in a couple of hours the castle would go under water,The big sea is going to take you. So goodbye pretty castle...
close your eyes i have had a surprise for you dear!
“now show me the surprise” she said closing her pretty big eyes.

His face has been twisted into unimaginable shape.
she screamed as he crawled above her..but none listened... and its too much late. The hurt and pain, she even dint know y he is so fierce. oh please friend stop this game,  i m hurt she yelled..
oh god please have mercy, let it end.. and finally he stopped, while she lay there motionless, sprawled on the floor...
he hugged her nudity. For him the last minutes were a part of the game. He hugged her tight and slipped the tweety sticker into her clutched hands. As the waves receded the setting sun, he walked away leaving his small friend behind.
Here was his li’l friend  who played the same old game everyday,who built the castles again and again,
dancing around him... she will never claim for the yellow tweety stickers. she will no more make sand castles.
He closed his eyes. A light ocean-bound breeze enveloped his being and drifted away.