Friday, August 10, 2012

Tell me a story

"Tell me a story" speak loud enough that I can hear you over the noises around. The story may be old and boring but please start over, speak Louder, make me remember. Tell me the story of us;. Something so exciting that it sparks me to move on! Let me rest this night in your lap, to wake up to my fifties. I am bored of my twenties. I want to grow old.

I am fed up with the sparkle in my eyes; it is fake, created with just the dark lines of an eye artist kit, it never adds to my youthfulness or optimism.
Tell me the story of a heaven, where I can sit with you for ages, laugh, and cry and do whatever I feel like without solid reasons. Tell me a romantic story so charming and full of life; that I can dream; I exist, that I am not a rock.
Tell me a story, just speak dear, I want to hear your voice, stories of child hood. Tell me the fairy tales, where the stories always had a happy ending, where they ended with the clause “and they lived happily ever after”. Tell me that we are also living in one such fairy tale.
Tell me that we have already past 15 years of living together and we are at our 40’s. Tell me we have nothing to worry about anymore and we are for each other. Tell me that our lives are fully in our control and nobody including god can get nothing done with it.
Tell me a story dear, The story of a girl, who loves fairy tales, who still runs behind dragon flies, who still cries for getting things done, who still begs for that piece of chocolate. Speak loud enough, that I can hear you over the noises around!!!