Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beyond the barriers of morality..

The writer is not sure about the relevance of this post.. It is not at all relevant...

I have done everything everything I wished for.. Every thing of ma dreams....And finally I m here.. sitting in the sand.. hearing the roar of the sea in front... I know I have attained so much..but nothing at all.. I miss you.. damn.. I know, of all the laughter, giggles, pseudo smiles I m sure the real me is crying a bit; Only a bit i ll say.. 

It was my choice only , year back I chose to miss you..but dint knew then it is tough.. It was not tough either those days.. But now at this point of life, my lonely moments, my life everything misses you.. 

I ll say without doubt.. walking away from you was much easier for me... but now when I am in a different stage of life.. While am dealing with this different episode of life I am sure I miss you.. I miss being yours at least now....

Note: To all those who are present in my life now.. This is about me.. There is no fabrication.. Its a real thing... I am not trying to be a stereo typical broken heart.. I am not actually..