Tuesday, January 15, 2013


All she could see is the scars where her wings once were!! Someone has chopped it in the midst of her last sleep!!
The unusual dream made me up from sleep... I searched for the wings... Blood all over…
Oops!!! My bed sheet was red!! I rushed to my dressing table and pulled my drawer...
The bright green cover of the sanitary napkin was empty.
I took my mobile and texted him ‘’Dear, I am not preggy, Good night’’  
I went to my bathroom and neatly tied a big knot in my never-flattening stomach, thinking it will stop the blood rush... I slowly closed my eyes. That was all I could move.


  1. Daring!!! at its peak. My eye Balls almost touched the Monitor!!

  2. bowing to the thought.. bold enough to say it loud.. touched my heart.!!