Sunday, November 25, 2012


Last day I was watching the movie, 500 days of summer!! This being the 3rd time in this week I am watching it… I think about those days we started dating, when we sat at the marry brown chicken restaurant, The all lit up beautiful Kanakakunnu Palace, the beautifully paved walk ways of summer palace.. I have always wished for a position, your knees behind my back, your fingers running through my curls and my fingers caressing your ankles, smiling innocently, that no one noticed. (Sad that it never happened). I have always longed for that sms saying, I miss you, which never came.. I used to check my phone every now and then to see if there is something of yours.. 
I think about checking my phone during my lunches, and seeing a surprise message, saying, "Dear come out, V will lunch together." And I'd run as soon as I see this, rush to the bathroom, set my hair, and you'd be waiting out at the Technopark gate, waiting impatiently with your gaming iPod and as soon as you see me you'd take my bag and drive us to the best restaurant nearby to have the ‘Dish of the day’.  And sad, it had never happened…
I remember about you, waking up earlier than me and watching me sleep and when I woke up and asked, "What?" you said nothing ‘sleep’. I wished you ever told me ‘I love you’. I know you have loved me…. But I was not sure you did it... Or I always had a feeling you never did it properly.
But I don’t know, if I could ever dare to settle for anything less than what you gave me. Because I can’t still believe you haven’t cared for me properly!!


  1. Nice Post.
    P.S: Title of the stories does matters, it can gather attention. Keep it in mind when you click on POST next time.Keep writing. :)

  2. the most pleasant feelings that every lover expects.. your writing is really nice that delivers the feels so good.. :)