Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism, Oh That's Great!! BTW what is that?

Other side: Hi, How are you?
Me: I am good, thanks
Other side: You are from Ernakulam rite?
Me: yes, muvatupuzha
OS: ohh.. okey... studied?
Me: yes I did study..
Os: No no.... i mean where did you do your graduation?
Me: MGU.
OS: Nice.. I did it from XXXXX and then PG from XXXXX
Me: k (Why the heck you are telling me all these.. can’t you see I am not interested??)
OS: Who all are there in your home?
Me: Dad, Mom, Bro and Grandma
OS: Nice.. Bro... What he is doing?
Me: Nothing.. He is autistic
OS: Great!! BTW whats that?
Me: He has autism... not well...
OS: Autism means what?
ME: Please Google it...

Silence for long 2, 3 minutes...

OS: so sorry ... I dint know it..

Me: Its fine.. no need to feel sorry about.. he is well and good.. The best man in the world I have ever seen.. 

The other side guy will no longer come for a chit chat in usual case..

But I have also seen guys coming with offers of pure love and all (not only for me but for ma bro too ... Effect of Cliché Malayalam movies.. Hero offering life to heroine and her family suffering from disease( poverty comes along).. hmm.... hehee)... Sorry people I don’t want it.. Not because you are bad, but there are needy people who wants your sympathy than me.. Please please.. Give it to them.. 

Worldwide, April 2 is celebrated as the World Autistic Awareness Day to highlight the need to help improve the lives of children and adults with Autism so that they can lead full and meaningful lives.
"Autism is an invisible condition, that is, an autistic person may not necessarily be on a wheel chair or on crutches, so people don't accommodate for the person," Merry Barua, founder of NGO Action for Autism (AFA) said. 

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  1. Humans are prone to make errors.. AFAIK, this OS guy seems to be totally ignorant of what autism means.. It is not really nice to brag about the incompetency and ignorance of people.. But I liked the fact that you did not quite react to stupid response and let the person go in good health.. Talking about one's family can be a little provoking, you see :)