Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A jungle book memory

Remember those Sunday evenings with jungle book serial? Mogli, Bagheera, ballu and Sherkhan and the song chinkkani kunnil chinni chilambum chakkara poove..  Most of us grew up watching the beautiful cartoon show- the Jungle book on every Sunday evening and today after so many years it is a déjà vu’ effect when i heard my friends phone ringing the song (‘Jungle Jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai’ The Hindi version.). This “jungle book” was at 6:30 pm sundays…so after 2 days of holidays, school will be again starting on Monday morning….and “jungle book” was the last enjoyable thing of the weekend. So the end credits of “jungle book” always made me blue coz always after jungle book and a sleep I am waking up to a school day and my maroon cream coloured Uniform..The worst dress I ever worn in my life.. Also the Malaa Dee ad.. The 7 year old kutti who innocently sang the mala Dee garb nirodhan goliya ad song, without knowing what it is all about.. And those days which I started watching my first Hindi serial named Sea Hawks in which Madhavan Played a supporting role… The days which I seriously tried ottakkal thapas (praying in one leg) for blessing from Bhagavan. And at last I dropped it for the fear of his vishwaroopam.. And quite a lot from those golden days… I miss the jungle book, The Raja Rancho serial, Chandrakantha and a lot.
 There is much more magical stuff in life, which takes us back down to the memory lane, like this. If you can throw away all the cares of your day and be one with the moment, you can be a child and experience and enjoy the little things. I wish if i could...


  1. mee too a big fan of Mougly :)
    chandrakantha, giant Robot, Ajnabi,Alif laila great memories