Sunday, March 20, 2011

All I feel is to......

Isn’t it hard to act like someone else?
When all you need is to be yourself,
Why I can’t be just real,
Why I can’t show off what I feel?

I reached my limit of tolerance
The pinnacle of my self control
Of myself indulged pain
The temporary remedy of self denial

I am considered unstable
Yet I overcame everything
I overcame myself and fought on
Yet I felt exhausted and tired...

When I look at me,
What I could see is a pathetic life,
Holding back the tears dripping,
If  I could end it all with a seconds courage


  1. ..ദുഖത്തിന്റെ സുഖം ദുഖിതന്,..

  2. But then a divine voice
    echoed behind my ears
    "My child when I created you
    I never worte your lifetime
    coz I expected you to live
    and see the beautiful things
    I created for you in this world.
    Darkness may blind you,uphills
    may tire you but I assure you
    child after every darkness there
    is a sunlight after every uphill
    there is a downhill. Believe in
    what you are and not who you
    could be."